Forex Flex EA v4.74 (NEW)

Forex Flex EA v4.74 (NEW)

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Forex Flex EA v4.74 (NEW) Description

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Content:  Expert: Forex-Flex-EA-4.74.ex4 (Latest Version) (Unlimited)
Indicator: FlexNewsIndicator.ex4 (NEW)
Documents:  Settings Guide Version 4.5+ and Change Note.
Strategies And BEST Currency Pairs.


– Made some fixes/adjustments to how reverse mode works in regards to some indicators. This version now fully supports some of the newer TDI Slope strategies listed in this thread
– Added a Timeframe option for each individual indicator so you can use different timeframes for each indicator if wanted.
– Added CheckTrend_64_240_LWMA indicator which will only allow trades while price is above 64/240 LWMAs or below. The LWMA’s must also be above or below each other to trade.
– Added Avoid_EMA_Gap_Greater_Than and Avoid_EMA_Gap_Less_Than which do exactly as they suggest. EMA must be turned on, and a value greater than 0 must be entered to turn these on. You don’t have to use both together you can use just one if wanted.
– Fixed Fullgrid strategy to now abid by TradingDay, CurrencyFilters, and other rules that other strategies abid by.

– UseVirtualTrading added which can be toggled on/off to turn off the virtual trading. Turning it off with otherwise default settings should make Flex trade immediately. This should only be used for testing purposes or if running strategies based solely on indicators and virtual trading isn’t needed.
– CloseEverything added which if turned on, will make Flex close EVERY trade regardless of magic number on your account, but only if a close function is triggered like the DD_stoploss PCT, EquityTrail and DD_SL_Mode must be on allCharts.
– EQTP1, EQTP2, etc. added, these are used to custom define the EquityTrailTP you want to use for a basket of certain sizes. EQTP1 means the TP % for 1 trade basket, EQTP5 means the TP % for a 5 trade basket. It will always trail exactly half the amount of the TP if these are used. If left at 0, it will use the original EquityTrailTP.
– UseRSIx3 added which will require the RSI across multiple timeframes (Current, H1, M15) to be above/below to trade
– NearTop/Bottom Of Candle feature added that you can toggle on/off which will prevent buys from opening at the top of a candle and sells at the bottom, or the complete opposite if you desire. The ‘HowClose’ determines how many pips within the top/bottom it must be near to trade, or how many pips away it must be from the top/bottom to trade depending which ones you have turned on.
– RequireAllCloseRules setting added which is used for the IndicatorClosures if you have more than one of them turned on, turning this setting on will require all your turned on rules to be met for trades to close.
– OnlyCloseAtLoss setting added which is used only for the indicator closures and will only close baskets if they are in a net loss.
– CloseSlopeCross added which is a new indicator closure rule which will close a sell basket if the price crosses above the slope (TDIPeriod3) and close buy baskets if price crosses below the slope (TDIPeriod3).
– Improved backtesting speed

– Fixed a hedging bug
– Changed CloseSR so it doesn’t close buys at support and sells at resistance as this is where it normally opens trades. If you set CloseBothWays to true then it will close at both.
– CheckCandleSize has been adjusted to check for bigger than or smaller than, as well as an option to choose whether to measure the candle body (Open – Close) or entire wick (High to low).
– Added ResetDataOnFriday which will reset all virtual data for that chart every Friday at the CloseHour set.
– Added MomentumFlatLine indicator which will wait for a level off of the momentum indicator before allowing a trade.
– Added CustomSetFile setting which is just a way to name custom strategies and have them displayed on your chart as the strategy.

– Added Exit strategies (Indicator closure). This still needs a lot of testing, please test in backtests to make sure what you want to happen is actually happening and working.
– Added toggle ‘CheckSpreadForAdditionals’ which won’t open any additional trades if spread is too high
– Fixed the hedging from opening a hedge if ‘TrendMode’ is turned on and max trades has been reached where the basket would be in profit and a hedge isn’t needed
– Added new toggle ‘CloseTogether’ under hedge settings which will close the hedge if the basket closes and vice versa
– Fixed the Support & Resistance lines not showing if using the TradeSR
– Added ‘UseSlopeCross’ in TDI settings which will trade when TDIPeriod2 (red) crosses the TDIPeriod3
– Added ‘CheckCandleSizeSmaller’ which will only allow a trade to open if the previous ‘x’ number of candles have all been smaller than ‘x’ number of pips. CheckCandleSize still remains the same as previous versions.

– WaitForNextBar has been adjusted to fix it not working on some brokers.


Forex Flex EA v4.74 (NEW)

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