Langust v1.6 EA (with Source Code)

Langust v1.6 EA (with Source Code)

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Langust v1.6 EA (with Source Code)  Description

Langust v1.6 EA (with Source Code)

Content: Expert: LANGUST v1.6.ex4 (Unlimited), LANGUST v1.6.mq4 (Source Code), 4 PRESETS: LANGUST_audjpy_1m+600.set, LANGUST_nzdchf_1h+150_v2.set, LANGUST_usdjpy_m15.set, LANGUST-usdchf_1h_v2+3500_v2.set, USER MANUAL RUSSIAN.docx


Expert is in Russian, it can easily be changed to English in the source code.

Platform: MT4
Strategy: indicator Grid a lot on the system of removing the signal from more than one TF.

The principle of operation of the trading system:

Trading system is based on 3 standard indicators:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • Stochastic
  • RCI

The input and support is formed simultaneously with the three indicators and three timeframes.
How it looks on the chart there is a special visualization panel. It shows 3 indicators and 7 timeframes.
Green squares indicate that this TF-specific indicator is the signal for buy, red for sale.
What would have formed the entry signal, all three indicators should be the signal in one direction, on a selected period calculations.
Ty freemov you can choose three.
We get the following picture.
We put in all three settings, TF M5.
As soon as all three indicators in column M5 will light up the green squares, the robot will open a position for buy, red for sale.
You can make a more interesting signal and to insert in the settings

In this case, the green squares must be on all three of the selected TF 5m-30m-1 hour only in this case will open the position, this method of signal, the most profound since signals 5 minute 30 minute and hourly TF formed reversal signals.


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