Mike Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course

Mike Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course

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Mike Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course

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Whether you’re a professional trader, new to trading or just looking to start a new career, it is time to discover the power of Order Flow Analysis.

Learn from the world’s foremost authority in Order Flow. Michael Valtos has been trading futures at an institutional level for nearly 20 years at firms such as JP Morgan (8 years), Cargill (4 years), Commerzbank (3 years).

Order flow is one of the most powerful market analytical tools available for traders. It provides valuable market activity information that is not available on any other type of chart.

Despite its many unique and inherent advantages, many traders just do not understand how to interpret the order flow occurring in the market to help them in their trading.

We offer online trading education with an extensive curriculum developed from our ground breaking research and software. Orderflows.com gives you the knowledge and skills to turn your passion for trading into a rewarding career.

The Orderflows Trading Course is a unique home study video course designed to provide you with a complete education of Order Flow Analysis of Futures Markets: to help you understand a footprint chart, areas of price rejection, where strong volume is appearing, how to find hidden trade opportunities and much more. It is the only complete, accurate stand alone course on Order Flow Trading developed by a trader for traders.

There is NO secret to trading. Successful trading has always been about understanding the convictions, the strength and weakness of buyers and sellers. Once you understand what the other traders are doing in the market, you can successfully trade with them. Trade along with the traders who are moving price. The institutions. Don’t try to fight the institutions.

The Orderflows Trading Course teaches how to read volume footprint charts, how institutional traders activity shows up in the charts, areas where price is rejected, areas where volume is absorbed and much more…

To be successful in trading the Futures markets, you must have an edge that tells you where institutions are buying and selling along with a simple rules-based strategy that offers consistent low risk, high reward opportunities. This course delivers this key “edge” by teaching you how to read the market to  identify key market turning points and strong market moves in advance with a high degree of accuracy. This course provides an opportunity to learn how to view and analyse the market using real time market generated information that is generated by the participants trading in the market.

Learn to trade by enrolling in our comprehensive online trading education via trading tutorials, trading videos and chart school.

This course will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • Learn to use one of the most powerful trading tools.
  • Learn how to identify high probability trading opportunities.
  • Learn to understand how each day’s highs and lows are built and traded.
  • Learn to interpret market imbalance developments.
  • Learn to quickly read the order flow chart and identify market direction.
  • Learn to trade the different types of Price Developments in the market.
  • Learn to quickly identify trends and join them as soon as they begin.
  • Learn to identify whether sellers or buyers are in control.
  • Learn how to understand why the market behaves the way it does.
  • Learn to identify when prices are accepted or rejected by the market.
  • Learn how valuable order flow information can be combined with traditional technical analysis for maximum gains.

What Exactly Does The Course Cover?

20 Bite Sized Videos That Walk You Through The Process Of Becoming A Skilled Order Flow Trader.

The Training Is Made In These Bite Sized 20-40 Minute Videos So You Get In-depth Training That Can Be Completed In A Weekend. One video is just over an hour and the longest video is 2 hours and 30 minutes which covers 3 days of trading analysis.

There are over 450 order flow charts explained in this course! Not just a few hand picked charts that only show winning trades. I also show you losing trades when the setup fails.

This course is presented in a simple and easy to understand manner. It allows traders an opportunity to learn the key components of order flow analysis and how they can benefit from them.

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