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News Catcher Pro

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News Catcher Pro

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News Catcher Pro is a mean-reversion strategy that uses intraday seasonal volatility patterns caused by high-impact news events. It enters the market at a certain time shortly before a high-impact news event occurs. It does not trade frequently!

Supported currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP

Recommended timeframe: M5

EA is FIFO compatible.



  • One Chart Setup: you only need one chart to trade all symbols.
  • Multiple currency pairs support
  • Solid backtest and live performance
  • Advanced News Filter (can be used in Strategy Tester)
  • Auto GMT detection
  • Self-Diagnostic System

How to install

  • The EA must be attached to ONLY one M5 chart, EURUSD is recommended.
  • If your broker uses a suffix (e.g., EURUSD.a) you should update names in the Symbol parameter.
  • Use recommended pairs only. You don’t need .set files, all settings are stored internally in the EA.
  • Please allow web requests to the following URLs for news filter and GMT detection (delete spaces!):
    1. https: //
    2. https: //www.
    3. http: //


  • The EA should run on a VPS continuously.
  • Good ECN broker is preferable.


  • Allow Opening a new Trade – on/off opening new trades.
  • Lot-sizing Method – select the lot sizing method according to the risk you want to take: Fixed Lots will use fixed lot size from the “Fixed lot” parameter, Dynamic Lots will use Dynamic Lot parameter, Max Risk per Trade will calculate lots based on % risk per trade, 3 predefined presets will calculate risk automatically for you.
  • Fixed Lot – fixed trading lot
  • Dynamic Lot – balance/equity to be used per 0.01 lot.
  • Maximum Lot – max allowed trading lot
  • Maximum Spread, in pips – max allowed spread for position closing
  • Maximum Slippage for a non-ECN acc, in pips – max allowed slippage
  • Maximum Symbols at a time – max allowed number of symbols that can be opened at the same time.
  • Maximum Net Number of Currencies – max allowed number of open trades with the same currencies (not symbols/currency pairs) in the same direction
  • Allow to Buy/Sell – on/off Buy/Sell trades.
  • Allow Hedging – allow opening multi-directional trades on the same symbol.
  • Minimum Free Margin % – if Free Margin% falls below the specified value, the EA will not place new pending orders and will cancel already placed ones.
  • Max Floating Drawdown % (in Money) – if current floating drawdown exceeds the specified % (value) the EA will close open positions.
  • Max Drawdown Action – allows specifying actions to be taken after the max. drawdown is reached (in money or %)
  • Symbols separated by comma – list of pairs to trade. Suffix needs to be included if your broker uses one!
  • PCh Period – period of the price channel (PCh)
  • PCh Offset – offset for the PCh levels.
  • ATR Period – period of the daily ATR indicator
  • Position Time Stop – max position holding time, in M5 bars.
  • Hour to Stop Trading on Friday – hour to stop trading on Friday. All open positions will be closed at this hour.
  • New Year Holiday Filter – on/off Christmas/New Year filter
  • TakeProfit / StopLoss, %ATR – volatility-based take profit / stop loss in %ATR.
  • Hide StopLoss – on/off SL hiding.
  • News Filter Enabled – on/off News Filter
  • Minutes Before/After Event – allow trading before/after the high-impact event.
  • Trade Comment – comment
  • UID (0…9) – unique EA instance number. Usually, no need to change it
  • ShowPanel – on/off Info-panel
  • Disable Automatic GMT Detection – set it to ‘true’ to disable automatic GMT detection. You can use the GMT Test/Manual’ and ‘DST Test/Manual’ parameters to manually set the GMT offset in live trading.
  • GMT/DST Test/Manual – GMT offset in winter and DST.

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