ProfileTraders – New Generation Trading

ProfileTraders – New Generation Trading

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ProfileTraders – New Generation Trading

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Level: Beginner – Intermediary – Advance
Duration: 6:30 Hours video presentation
Format: 2 Videos

Description – This is Reza Dilmaghani’s proprietary trading method. It’s an absolutely innovative, ingenious, organic method of trading. It consists of a revolutionary method of charting the markets. One, a charting method which is independent of time and purely plotted based on supply and demand balance. There is no session setting, no time frame, only continuous flow of supply and demand elegantly plotted on our chart. Two, a complete series of principles conceived to guide the trader read the charts and execute identified trade set ups. Thus far the response to this new generation approach to markets and trading has been phenomenal and people using it are extremely pleased.
When I started teach Market Profile in 2007 they were only few genuine service providers teaching the concept to the public. In 2012 you have hundreds. The basic elements of MP such as value areas, POC…. Are now widely used and one day may lose their edge.
In order to stay ahead of the game, I have developed a simple yet very powerful next generation trading method and charts based on organic price action, POC, volume, price acceptance/rejection, order flow and few other things I will cover during the workshop.

. Learn identify deadly accurate support resistance levels for any instruments within seconds using new generation charts. All support resistance levels will be based on Market development and not human interpretation.

. Locate shift of power between buyers and sellers and get automatic and specific entry points to take advantage of it. You will never have to guess again with next generation charts.

. Accurately locate areas of congestion and be able to tell if the congestion is accumulation or distribution. If accumulation, you will be able to position yourself before the break up and if distribution you can sell short before the break down.

.Practice superior money management purely based of price action and not human interpretation. Let the charts be your guide.

. Manage trending markets like never before. Amazing new method.

. Learn to count swings and use the counts to obtain a great trading edge. All swings and swing counts will be automatically provided by the new charts.

. Accurately interpret the location of VPOC (Volume Point of Control) to evaluate the strength or weakness of price at time.

. Learn the POC weight lifting method to select high probability trade locations and price selection.

. Read, interpret, time your entry based on volume and volume point of control

. Get all valuable chart settings for Es, Gold and Crude.

Learning from this workshop can be applied to any instruments including Forex market.

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