Trade with Todd 1 + 2

Trade with Todd 1 + 2

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name:  Trade With Todd Forex trading course 1.0 + 2.0

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Trade with Todd 1: 

The Trade With Todd course is a brand new 5-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) video bootcamp, that will “peel back the curtain” and show you exactly how to trade Forex every trading day. By the time you’re done, you will have a Forex method that you can trade forex for a living from the comfort of your own home! It includes 5 step by step videos and indicators for MT4:

– Video One: Understanding the frame work that I use to trade forex. How I pick my entries, profit targets and more
– Video Two: How to set up your charts so that they look exacly like mine. This is vital and this is the key to identifying trades quickly!
– Video Three: Learn all of the instruments I trade and why I trade them. This took me YEARS to develop through lots of trial and error.
– Video Four: My trading methodology and the lessons I’ve learned to develop it. You can save yourself FIVE YEARS of testing (and a lot of wasted money) if you just follow what I do!
– Video Five: Putting it all together and learning how to trade your way out of “losing” trades using my two trade strategy.

Trade with Todd 2:

In this course Todd Nuckols is going to work with you to show you everything he does – and he is leaving nothing out. Your Forex account can start off small but like a tiny seed, this seed can grow into a huge tree. That’s how it’s done! Everyone could use a bigger and more relaxed trading strategy and Todd is going to show you the easiest, most effective way he knows to do this and you can make your profits in HOURS instead of DAYS! In fact, most of his short term trades close in 30 minutes or less!

  • Video Training: Understanding the foundation of short term & small account trading including entries, time frames, profit targets and more.
  • Video  Training: How to trade my favorite trend trading strategy for quick profits of 50 to 75 PIPS in one hour or less.
  • Video Training: How to trade my favorite counter trend strategy for quick profits of 50 to 75 PIPS in one hour or less.
  • Video Training: How to trade no matter what account size you have and NEVER worry about risking more than 1% of your account. Ever!
  • Vid 1: Building Your Foundation
  • Vid 2: Momentum Strategy
  • Vid 3: Counter Trend Short Term Strategy
  • Vid 4: Ichimoku Trading System

The 2.0 course is not an upgrade to Trade With Todd 1.0, this is a separate course and can complement the first one. 

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